Luxemburg is often noted by opportunists for her opposition to Lenin and his thought, which would years later be synthesized into Leninism by Joseph Stalin. Rosa Luxemburg spoke at a mass rally in the City of Breslau before heading to Berlin to begin talks for constituting the KPD after she was released in 1918. (14). NBC, Comcast, and What We're Really Up Against, Famed Mathematician John Nash Dies in Car Crash with Wife, Slovakia: Patriotic Party Files Charges Against WW2 Jewish "Resistance" Exhibitors, • Do not use crude or obscene language — absolutely, It is as easy to see the punishment that white men are apparently doing to thems…, I will say it flat out …………  the evidence is now cr…, This vignette isn’t because of a inherent defect of the system, it is a st…, It would impact the ability to conduct transactions unless you are using a mobil…, Ridicule is often employed with more power and success than severity. He was the father of Karl Liebknecht and Theodor Liebknecht. 1916 wurde er aufgrund seiner Ablehn… (17), An astonishing 200,000 workers – some armed – came out in support of the call. Both Liebknecht and Luxemburg were eventually imprisoned for anti-war activity as the German ruling class conducted its imperialist war. David Das Votum trieb einen Keil durch die deutsche Linke und sorgt noch heute für Streit. In a letter to KPD comrade Zetkin in December, the flurry of activity and danger at the time is captured well by Luxemburg: “I am chained to the editorial office, and every day I am there until midnight…on top of that almost every day, from early in the morning, there are conferences and discussions, and public meetings in between, and as a change of pace every few days there come urgent warnings that Karl [Liebknecht] and I are threatened by gangs of killers…I have been living this way, in the midst of tumult and turmoil and all in a rush from the first moment…“. This was because in order to secure the communist revolution that they had worked so long to achieve, they needed the situation to further deteriorate so that – in the words of Marx and Engels – ‘the proletariat will see they have nothing to lose but their chains’. The best red flag is when a jew talks about liberty and equality,both code words for torture and enslavement, An even greater hebraic “tell” is when they worry openly about “defending OUR DEMOCRACY” – the greatest lie ever told to Americans who have not been taught unadulterated history – where we are in fact a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, and our European Founding Fathers understood that a “Democracy” always devolved into mob rule. He was a leader of the Spartacist movement that attempted to seize control of Berlin in 1918-19. belief that the time was right to launch a full-scale communist In the political turmoil after the First World War, many artists turned to making prints instead of paintings. surprise by its sheer scale given that they were used to a relatively Aftermath of the Great War’ , 1st Edition, Vintage: New York, p. 225, Pierre Broue, 2006, ‘The German Revolution, 1917-1923’ , 1st Edition, Haymarket: Chicago, pp. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. News Items • Anti-Vaxx Movement Funded by Jews. After the SPD supported German involvement in World War I in 1915, Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht co-founded the anti-war Spartacus League (Spartakusbund) which eventually became the KPD. Freikorps Blazed a Trail for Hitler’ , 2nd Edition, Robinson: London, Robert Service, 2008, ‘Comrades: Communism: A World History’ , 1st Edition, Pan: London, p. 85, Manuel Berduc, 2016, ‘Against Putschism: Paul Levi’s Politics, the Empathy is the only thing that is going to get us through all this BS. Following this rapprochement between Ebert’s Social Democratic government and the conservative mainstay of the Reichswehr, the Spartacists and their followers engaged in periodic small-scale violence against their ‘class enemies’ and even attempted to break into the Chancellery building on 13th December 1918. with the Spartacist rebels, and they began to arrest every left-wing The SPD-led German government unleashed the reactionary Freikorps militias to put down the threat posed by the KPD, ultimately leading the way for the Nazi’s rise to power in the 1930s. The Spartacists — Jogiches, Liebknecht and Luxembourg having been released by a general amnesty for political prisoners declared by Friedrich Ebert’s new socialist government on 9th November 1918 — (10) interpreted these – somewhat correctly – as being a German version of the Soviets which had been in power between the February and October revolutions of 1917 in Russia. (3), Liebknecht German Socialist leader, born on August 13, 1871 in Leipzig (Saxony) and died on January 15, 1919, in Berlin. Karl Liebknecht und Rosa Luxemburg starben in der Nacht vom 15. auf den 16. Liebknecht and Luxembourg among others (including Leo Jogiches, Paul Levi and Clara Zetkin as well as USPD and radical Trade Union representatives) met and agreed that ‘the revolution was at stake’ and called for a public demonstration against the SPD’s collaboration with ‘reactionaries’ and ‘class enemies’ . Cit., pp. 100 years ago: Karl Liebknecht expelled from German SPD. SPD interim Chief Adrian Diaz was on hand for the large SPD deployment. Comintern, and the Problems of a European Revolution 1918-1923’ , In 1914 the lone voice in the SPD against voting war credits to German government was a radical socialist deputy named Karl Liebknecht. Both were rightfully declared revolutionary martyrs to the Communist cause and the KPD was reorganized. some snipers in and around the city. chief and his subsequent refusal to vacate the post on 4th January 1919 December 1918 to secure the support of the still powerful Reichswehr in Karl Liebknecht war im Dezember 1914 der einzige Abgeordnete der SPD, der gegen die Kriegskredite stimmte. revolution across Europe and ultimately the world. Born in Leipzig, he was, as the son of an SPD founder, steeped in socialist ideology. Seit 1900 Mitglied der Sozialdemokratischen Partei Deutschlands, war er von 1912 bis 1916 einer ihrer Abgeordneten im Reichstag, wo er den linksrevolutionären Flügel der SPD vertrat. Lenin recognized her as a revolutionary martyr, as a great daughter of the German proletariat, which is how the international proletariat and oppressed people of the world recognize her and Liebknecht today. Reply. Karl Paul August Friedrich Liebknecht was a German socialist, originally in the Social Democratic Party of Germany and later a co-founder with Rosa Luxemburg of the Spartacist League and the Communist Party of Germany which split away from the SPD. On November 4, the Workers’ and Soldiers’ Council of Kiel was formed. Clara Zetkin was initially reluctant to join this anti-war faction. ‘Since August 4, 1914, German Social-Democracy has been a stinking corpse’—this statement will make Rosa Luxemburg’s name famous in the history of the international working class movement.”. response took both the Spartacists and UPSD leaders by complete call for revolution. Economics • The Price of Gold: Does It Matter? it was not until the Independent Social Democratic Party (USPD) Thus we can see (1871 1919) political activist; a founder of the Spar tacus League* and the KPD. A Revolution Committee was formed between the major parties involved to coordinate activity including the USPD, with swiftly-formed militia regiments moving to occupy the site of a German capitalist newspaper and set up barricades in neighborhoods where they had support. In 1914 the lone voice in the SPD against voting war credits to German government was a radical socialist deputy named Karl Liebknecht. The women are the worst. was – (25) and a mere 10,000 people heeded Liebknecht and Luxembourg’s In the Junius Pamphlet, which served to demarcate her from the social chauvinism of the Second International, Luxemburg lambasted the “euphoria” and “patriotic noise in the streets” as the SPD subsumed itself under the royal military command. radical splinter group didn’t and instead mounted an armed takeover of (24), This was not what they had German revolutionaries began setting up Workers’ and Soldiers’ Councils inspired by the Russian Soviets. (13). The ability to produce multiple copies of the same image made printmaking an ideal medium for spreading political statements. rise of the so-called Council Republic between November 1918 and Beware of their heimish. The murder of Luxemburg and Liebknecht stands today as a prime example of the treachery of social democracy and the collaboration between so-called ‘socialists’ and the imperialist bourgeoisie. THE Spartacist Uprising of January 1919 in Berlin, Germany is often treated with kid gloves by historians, while the nationalists who suppressed it are openly vilified as proto-Nazi monsters. Karl Paul August Friedrich Liebknecht (German: [ˈliːpknɛçt] (); 13 August 1871 – 15 January 1919) was a German socialist politician and theorist, originally of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) and later a co-founder with Rosa Luxemburg of the Spartacist League and the Communist Party of Germany, which split from the SPD after World War I. 1918; Kaiser Wilhelm II went into exile and Chancellor Max von Baden parliamentary elections in January 1919. Every time I look at the face of a kike, all I see is the most hateful, spiteful bunch of wankers on the planet. August 1871 in Leipzig; † 15. (7). hoped it would be – despite Marxist historians glossing over this Then you have no need to “interact with the police”…, Copyright ©1970-2020, All Rights Reserved. Despite often being thought of as being of Jewish origin, this was not in fact the case. Er setzte sich weiterhin gegen den Krieg ein und reiste sogar durchs Land, um zusammen mit Rosa Luxemburg gegen die Finanzierung des Krieges einzutreten. the SPD’s main office and print works. Januar 1919 in Berlin) war ein prominenter Marxist und Antimilitarist zu Zeiten des Deutschen Kaiserreiches. Apja Wilhelm Liebknecht, szocialista, a Németország Szociáldemokrata Pártja (Socialdemokratische Partei Deutschland – SPD) egyik alapítója. rather than the massive, truly proletarian response they received to On October 23, 1918, amnesty was declared for political prisoners leading to Luxemburg and Liebknecht being released from prison. enemies weren’t the Allies, but rather their ‘class enemies’ at home. they are filth brian fully conscious people realize this you are not alone sir, Well. (1), The Nigel Jones, 2004, ‘A Brief History of the Birth of the Nazis: How the Cit., p. 30; Chris Harman, 1997, ‘The Lost Revolution: Germany 1918 to 1923’ , 2nd Edition, Bookmarks: London, p. 73, Berduc, Op. Opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of, Will W Williams * National Alliance Chairman, Massive Witness Tampering in Jewish Sex Case, Ravens Capable of Imagining Being Spied On, The Quiet Revolution That Just Happened in the Jewish World, The Great Revilo Oliver: The Jewish Plague, part 1.; Heinrich Himmler on the Bolshevik Revolution, Tennessee Nurse: I’m Fine; This Happens All the Time, Washington, DC Gets a Taste of Haitian “Law Enforcement”, Ten Year Study: Unvaccinated Children Far Healthier Than Their Vaccinated Peers, Religion and Philosophy • Minnesota Town Votes to Permit Aryan, 'White People' Church. 30-31; Harman, Op. Photo: German Communists and revolutionaries Karl Liebknecht (left) and Rosa Luxemburg (right) The Proletarian History series chronicles the stories of the revolutionary class struggle and the lives of important figures from a working class perspective. During the November Revolution , she co-founded the newspaper Die Rote Fahne ( The Red Flag ), the central organ of the Spartacist movement. why does capitalism destroy all borders and cult…, Very inspiring. It was founded by Karl Liebknecht, Rosa Luxemburg, Clara Zetkin, and others. It became an armed demonstration, as many brought firearms to defend against police attacks. Cit., pp. The SPD had betrayed the workers by voting for war in 1914 (Liebknecht was the only Reichstag member to vote against it) and remained hamstrung by … Liebknecht and Luxemburg were the founders of the Communist Party of Germany (KPD), formerly known as the Spartacus League. (11), This belief – in addition to his further political radicalisation — was partly the cause for Karl Liebknecht’s enthusiastic cable to Lenin in Moscow in which he declared that: ‘The revolution of the German proletariat has begun. Both were briefly interrogated and then murdered, with Luxemburg’s body thrown into the Landwehr Canal. promptly tried and summarily executed with the consent of Ebert’s Karl Paul August Friedrich Liebknecht (German: [ˈliːpknɛçt] (); 13 August 1871 – 15 January 1919) was a German socialist, originally in the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) and later a co-founder with Rosa Luxemburg of the Spartacist League and the Communist Party of Germany which split away from the SPD. Dieses Mandat behielt er bis 1913. (18). Chairman of the SPD and head of its pro-war faction – leading to the Liebknecht mostly operates undercover and has close ties to the … to events and the public mood, Chancellor Ebert’s government promptly This revolution will save the Russian revolution from all attack and will sweep away all the foundations of the imperialist world.’ (12).