The family is known for being heroic and most of the members have similar speed type quirk granting them extremely fast speed. Tenya Iida, also known asIngenium, is the class representative ofClass 1-AatU.A. Engine (Enjin): Tenya's Quirk manifests in the form of engines in his calves, giving him super speed. And then a new timer started ticking. 6: Tenya Iida Figure. ), también conocido como Ingenium es el representante de Clase 1-A en Academia U.A. Many of the heroes and students in My Hero Academia have meaningful kanji in their names that reflect their quirks or other attributes. Until one day when a anonymous love letter finds its way underneath his door, and his whole world turns upside down. He snarled in rage as Stain hit the ground, eyes wide in bafflement. His Quirk is Engine, and it manifests as engines in his calves, complete with exhaust pipes. This sets him apart from Shoto Todoroki, for example, who uses his powerful ice/fire Quirk to fight. 1. y está entrenando para convertirse en un Héroe. Engine: Iida's Quirk manifests in the form of engines in his calves, giving him super speed. The My Hero Academia manga and anime series features a vast world with an extensive cast of characters created by Kōhei Horikoshi. Do you like Tenya Iida? Tenya became President of Class 1-A after Izuku resigned and gave the position to him, thinking that he was better suited to the job. My Hero Academia Banpresto Figure Colosseum Vol. High School's Class 1-A and its class president. Tenya is proud of his background because the family is famous and extremely wealthy. Never again! High School, and is training there to become aPro Hero. Tenya Iida Your quirk / hero Costume Quirk:Chain's Ability: this allows you to shoot chains from your any part of your body and you can control them you can also control other chains that are not from your body Overuse: It can leave you with stiff body parts so you won't … I wanted to become a hero not for the supposed reason as its the right thing to do or that you're saving lives. Idaten is a very fast runner, and is used as a symbol for anyone who can run fast. Tenya Iida is no different. Iida Tenya; Alternate Universe - No Quirks (My Hero Academia) Alternate Universe - College/University; Fluff; not really a chat/social media fic but adjacent? Es uno de los protagonistas de serie. Tenya Iida’s life is a mystery even to him. Engine. Personal Characteristics. Tenya Iida Bio Tenya's Quirk manifests in the form of car-like engines in each of his calves, giving him incredible running speed and extreme kicking power. Tenya has a long way to go to catch … He is named after Idaten, or the Japanese name for a Mahayana defender of Buddhist shrines named Skanda. Tenya Iida is one of the protagonists of Boku no Hero Academia and the Class President of Class 1-A. See a recent post on Tumblr from @tenyagf about tenya-iida-smut. RELATED: My Hero Academia: 10 Class 1-A Students Most Likely To Become Pros. He is betrothed to Crown Prince Todoroki of Endeavor, whom he is meeting for the first time today. One day, Tenya asked him why he wanted to be a hero, and Tensei summarized he always wants to be there to save those in need. Do you think you know everything about Tenya Iida? Tenya Iida, second in line to the Ingenium throne. He may look severe, but he's actually a very straightforward, earnest, diligent and serious person, who takes everything (even the most insignificant of things) seriously. Bakugou Katsuki is Bad at Feelings; disaster bi izuku ; Trans Kirishima; Izuku Midoriya has ADHD; Kirishima is a good wingman; Mutual Pining; Social Media; izuku midoriya has social anxiety; Iida's autistic. Our … There's nothing out of the ordinary, ever. He's one of Izuku Midoriya's closest friends. 1 INTRO 2 IIDA IS INGENIUS IN DEATH BATTLE 3 DEATH BATTLE CANNOT SEE JOHN CENA 4 PRE-BATTLE 5 DEATH BATTLE 6 POST BATTLE 7 IF THIS BATTLE HAD A SCORE Wiz: To be the best, you must gain not only your abilities, but the people's trust. He is a student at U.A. Tenya decide evitar y detener la evacuación caótica, pidiendo a Ochako que lo hiciese flotar, lo que le permite saltar en el aire y luego usa su Quirk Engien para llegar a la puerta de salida, donde le dice a todo el mundo que se calmara ya que son sólo los medios de comunicación, deteniendo la evacuación caótica. I can't measure up to their standards! This May Have Spoilers Up Until Season 3 Of The Anime, And About Chapter 124 Of The Manga! “How did you—“ “Make no mistake, villain. It's an impressive feat but not as impressive as other speedsters. There is no denying this part of Tenya Iida's capabilities as a student hero. ((-Aight, out of character i'm a multishipper so throw ur ships at me uwu)) What I'm working on "Wanting to do it and being suitable for it are different issues." He is one of the main protagonists of My Hero Academia. JUMP TO QUIZ After the strong comeback from My Hero Academia and Tenya Iida … How Well Do You Know Tenya Iida? Tenya Iida vs Monika Lyrics: {Verse 1: Tenya (C_Squint)} / Settle down class, I’m about to deal the hurt / It’ll be over in 10 seconds when I Recipro Burst / You wanna take me on? Tenya's engines have multiple gears; it is currently unknown how many, but it has been implied that there are more than three. He is voiced by Kaito Ishikawa in the Japanese version of the anime, and by J. Michael Tatum in the English version of the anime. Tenya Iida is a recurring character in Wacky Adventures. Lazarus Stain(ed) JustThatOneGirl1815. Now he has a maid with a kitsune quirk attending his least until she can pay him back or save his life. Discover more posts about tenya-iida-smut. Tenya Iida is a melee-oriented hero whose Quirk enhances his physical abilities. Greetings, Welcome To This Test! Name: Tenya Iida, "Ingenium" (Hero Name) Origin: My Hero Academia Gender: Male Age: 15 (Chapter 3 - 97), 16 (Current) Classification: Human, Hero-in-Training Height: 179 cm (5'10½") Summary. High School's Class 1-A and its class president. Whatever Stain’s quirk was, Tenya broke out of it. I OWN NOTHING! Quirk: Iida's quirk is Engine. "Tenya Iida is a character from Kouhei Horikoshi's anime and manga series My Hero Academia. He's in training to become one of the first Omega heroes in Japan history. Sky. Tenya is a part of Iida family which consists of his grandparents, parents and his elder brother, Tensei Iida. 1 Appearance 1.1 Gallery 2 Personality 3 Abilities 3.1 Quirk 3.2 Stats 4 Battles & Events 5 Relationships 5.1 Shoto Todoroki 5.2 Ochaco Uraraka 5.3 Mashirao Ojiro 5.4 Momo Yaoyorozu 5.5 Mina Ashido 5.6 Brandon Tennyson 6 Chapter Appearances 7 Trivia Tenya is a relatively tall and muscular young man with a wide frame. And now, after graduated from high school, he becomes a honours student at Course 1 Class. 1 Personalidad 2 Apariencia 2.1 Galería 3 Habilidades 3.1 Don 3.2 Súper… Summary: The timer hit 00:00 and Jason Todd’s life ended. Never again will they... or my brother... leave me behind in the dust! Tenya Iida is a student of U.A. Tenya Iida saves the life of a representivive of a neighboring country, but at what cost. As far as Quirks go in My Hero Academia, Tenya Iida could do far worse than Engine. Apr 14, 2020 - Tenya Idais one of the main protagonistsin the manga/anime series, My Hero Academia. Music is by Yuki Hayashi and is from the My Hero Academia Sounstrack, also known as the Boku No Hero Soundtrack. Calf Engine. He has engines in his legs that propel him forward. You'll never know my crush :) *Sniffs* I̶t̶s̶ ̶s̶e̶r̶o̶ ̶o̶k̶ sh chaoticmultishipper. Iida Tenya-centric; Language: English Stats: Published: 2021-03-31 Updated: 2021-04-11 Words: 7032 Chapters: 2/? Étant né dans une famille riche de héros prestigieux et estimés, il travaille sans relâche pour défendre ses valeurs familiales et incarner ce que signifie vraiment être un héros. When that Quirk is activated, Tenya can run with astonishing speed. RELATED: Sword Art Online: Asuna's 5 Greatest Strengths (& Her Biggest Weaknesses) He is one of the main protagonists of My Hero Academia. Combine that with the exclamatory "ya," … High School training to become a Pro Hero, and the class president of Class 1-A. Iida Tenya, second son of the great Iida hero family. Comments: 9 Kudos: 42 Bookmarks: 9 Hits: 225. (I Don't Own Any Images Used Throughout This Test) Starting Simply, What Is Iida's Quirk? And that's how we ended up with the Tenya we all know - and love - today. Calf Motor:):) « » Log in or sign up. Tenya Iida is one of the main protagonists in the manga/anime series, My Hero Academia.He is a student at U.A. I have to stand up! Tenya Iida is a student of U.A. Tenya Iida (飯 (いい) 田 (だ) 天 (てん) 哉 (や) , , Iida Ten'ya ? Tenya Iida (飯田天哉, Īda Tenya) est l'un des protagonistes du manga My Hero Academia, un étudiant du lycée Yuei et le Délégué de la seconde A. “That’s not—“ Stain started to say. Play this Tenya Iida Quiz and see your results. From left to right: Tenya "Ingenium" Iida, Ochako "Uravity" Uraraka, Izuku "Deku" Midoriya, Katsuki "Dynamight" Bakugo, and Shōto Todoroki. Tenya can't coast on a powerful Quirk; he must train diligently to improve himself. I am no hero. Determined to find the author, he conducts a little investigation, leading him to none other but you. It was like he wasn’t in his body anymore, as he spun around and kicked Stain’s legs out from under him with two powerful, engine backed swipes. Sometimes, the greatest of fighters are ones you cannot see, or ones who are make themselves known for their great strength worldwide. His family is the fastest of the Avian race with their striking blue wings. [Tenya Iida x Male Reader] (They're both at the end of their 3rd year) Warnings: blood/injury, shouting, fighting, battles, etc Info: (H/c)=Hair Color (E/c)=Eye Color (S/c)=Skin Color (M/n)=Male name (F/c)=Favorite color (2/f/c)=2nd Favorite color (H/s)=Hair Style (N/n)=Nickname. He's one of Izuku Midoriya's closest friends.. 11. Tenya Iida has an ordinary, routine life. Ignoring the fact that he has engine parts sticking out of his calves, he can run at speeds greater than the average human. C'est le petit-frère de Tensei Iida. Tenya’s quirk comes in the form of booster-like organs on the back of his legs. "I'm a novice. High School training to become a Pro Hero, and the class president of Class 1-A. Tenya needs to fuel his engines by drinking orange juice. Quirk. He is now 17 year old. --Tenya Iida----Quirk: engine---Rapid hero: Ingenium---Big bisexual!--I enjoy chatting, feel free to say hello! But anyway, Tenya is the second son of the famous, generation-spanning Iida family, and he looked up to his brother Tensei as an idol. Life with quirks is strange, sometimes it can be a blessing in the sky while other times it can be the curse from hell gifted by the gods or whatever is out there to screw you over. Motor.

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