Roslin was the only member to submit an authentication code, thereby designating her as his successor, President Roslin and the shuttle was renamed Colonial One. [3] The following message was transmitted to all ships, and was picked up by civilian craft and military alike: "To all Colonial units: Am taking command of fleet. Galactica suffers crucial damage to the port flight pod... ... leaving the crew no choice but to vent the pod to fight the fires, Battle of Medra | Cyrannus star system Here, the attacking Raiders try to shut down Galactica and her Vipers, but since she has no networks, the shutdown command has no effect. Combatants Plot. Demo Cylon Destruction of the 12 Colonies (re-edited and scored) Battlestar Galactica TRS - Duration: 4:41. micropirate 66,519 views The battlestar is heavily damaged in the opening salvo and there are many casualties, however, thanks to … Battle for the Tylium Asteroid | After losing the Fleet Headquarters, President Richard Adar offers the Cylons a complete and unconditional surrender. The Cylon attack force was based at The Colony, which had moved just outside of the system. This was ROUGH. The Cylon attack force was based at The Colony, which had moved just outside of the system. After deliberating with the President and his executive officer, Saul Tigh, Adama orders the fleet to prep for a jump to the Prolmar Sector, far beyond the Red Line, where he hopes the civilians will be safe. Rather, they seem to rely their large Raidersquadrons to provide protection from enemy batteries. The first shots were fired at the Armistice Station , a diplomatic space station. Twenty years following the Armistice, during the 1980s, the Colonial Fleet went through a period of massive re-armament on the intuitive but otherwise baseless belief at the time the Cylons were preparing a strike force. After the blast clears, the ship's port stern thrusters get stuck on, pushing the battlestar into an uncontrollable lateral counterclockwise spin. The original population of the colonies prior to the attack was 50 billion., Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike, This page (like all pages on this wiki) was. Fall of the Twelve Colonies John prepared for over twenty years to wipe out mankind as a final act of revenge against the Five, disgusted in their creation of him in a limited, human-like body; officially the Cylon plan was to attack as revenge for the Cylons' original enslavement, with knowledge of the Five being wiped from the other Cylons' memories. Battle of the Binary Star System | and The attack force was hidden … Operation Raptor Talon | From then on, Number Six appears as something of an illusion or a ghost who only appears to Baltar. A multitude of Eights are found aboard the Basestar orbiting Kobolthat Sharon "Boomer" Valerii destroys. There have been at least two battlestars to bear the name Columbia in the Colonial Fleet. Rate. This structure was built around the original ship of the Final Five (Islanded in a Stream of Stars podcast). The vessel was used by Samuel Anders, Tory Foster, Ellen Tigh, Saul Tigh and Galen Tyrol to travel to the Twelve Colonies from the devastated remains of Earth, backtracking the path their ancestors had taken from Kobol and then following the path of the twelve tribes of humanity. When a Raider located the fleet, it was decided that all FTL-capable ships evacuate to Ragnar, and refused to give coordinates to the sublight ships.[6]. Approximately 3 hours from Caprica, the Cylon attack commences. The idea that this was really all that was left of humanity on the colonies is ridiculous. It is Number Six after all, who after seducing Gaius Baltar opens the 12 Colonies to invasion. Galactica successfully completes its jump to Ragnar, despite not having made an FTL jump in over 20 years. Rate. Just as the Cylons are sending in a new wave of Raiders, the battlestar recovers its birds, and jumps to join the fleet (TRS: "Miniseries"). With these Colonies (and presumably all the others) struck, the Colonials are defeated. The Cylon experiment fails, and they abandon the Colonies. As the two seek an alternate route back to the ship, Adama's First War experiences, and the man's remarks reveal his true nature: he is a Cylon. [6] Believing Dr. Baltar's claim to have run tests on Doral, he was abandoned on Ragnar Anchorage. An additional small caravan of civilian ships, led by the transport Scylla, are able to survive on their own for a few weeks after the attacks. [3][4], Following the opening attacks, President Adar offered an unconditional surrender to the Cylons, which was ignored entirely. The Cylon forces began a recovery effort, repairing the damaged cities to allow for habitation of the Humanoid Cylons. The events leading up to the attacks go back at least a few years, when the Cylons (now in human form) begin infiltrating Colonial society. Rescue on Caprica | [4], When the scale of the attack became clear, Admiral Nagala took personal command of the Colonial Fleet and ordered all ships to rendezvous in preparation of a counteroffensive, expecting to use strength-in-numbers. Caprica Insurrection, Skirmish over the Red Moon | Intra-Colonial wars were also reinforced by alliances (Scorpia had an alliance with Caprica and Picon), causing more Colonies … The size of the force is assumed by Admiral Nagala taking command of the fleet following the loss of 30 Battlestars and Picon Fleet Headquarters at the start of the attack. After several weeks, the only existing resistance was on Caprica, which survived due to being in the hills and the Cylons' unwillingness to kill its leader, Samuel T. Anders, who was one of the Final Five. Cylons One particular Cavil comes to look upon the attacks as a mistake. Near-total destruction of the Colonial Defense Forces. The expanded structure was "home" to the humanoid and Centurion Cylons after … Many Number Eight copies have been seen in various Cylon-occupied areas and in leadership positions; two are featured as central characters. 7. The Cylons occupy the Colonies for up to nine months after the attacks. Over fifty thousand people escaped in refugee ships, as well as on the battlestars Galactica and Pegasus. Colonial Heavy 798 and Colonial press members hear of news that Caprica has been nuked along with three other Colonies. Galactica is able to emerge from the cover of Ragnar's atmosphere long enough to calculate a jump, and defend the fleet as they jump away. Conoy's body is transferred to the Galactica for further study. Meanwhile, the civilian fleet arrives in orbit of Ragnar, giving the crew of Galactica a slight scare as they move down through the cloud layers. This page was last modified on 30 April 2017, at 17:50. Before this time, some of the Colonies (such as Leonis and Scorpia) were involved in wars with one-another. During the attack on the colonies there was a fleet of Battlestars that didn't fall to the Cylons. Six years prior to the attacks, Commander William Adama, aboard the battlestar Valkyrie, is tasked by Colonial admiralty to launch a stealth plane across the Armistice Line into Cylon held space. Out of three missiles fired, Galactica pilot Kara Thrace manages to shoot down two, before the last one strikes the battlestar. 0. Adar and his administration are presumed killed a short time later, and Secretary of Education Laura Roslin is sworn in as successor aboard Colonial Heavy 798 after Case Orange is broadcasted. President Roslin comes aboard and asks for Galactica's protection, a notion Adama later strikes down, still hoping and preferring to take the battlestar into combat, until he realizes the Cylons followed them to Ragnar, and are now waiting for them to re-emerge from the gas giant. The radiation surrounding the station has affected his silica pathways which leave him dying a slow and permanent death, however, Adama soon finishes the job after the Cylon, Leoben, is able to throw Adama to the ground. Battle of the Communications Relay | The Six approaches the officer and begins to kiss him passionately. Battle [edit | edit source] The Cylon attack force was split into two groups. [3] However, the Cylon fleet was kept out of the star system itself until the penetration of CNP had been verified, coincidentally on the 40th anniversary of the Armistice. Among chaotic comm chatter, prayers, and spite, the fleet jumps away just as a Raider Squadron jumps in. In the forty years, the Cylons went through radical changes. This structure was built around the original ship of the Final Five (Islanded in a Stream of Stars podcast). However, as part of the museum, it has a handful of older Viper Mk II's aboard, which Commander Adama has put to use, as Galactica is attacked herself. During the occupation, a few surviving Colonials wage a resistance movement on Caprica, led by Samuel Anders of the Caprica Buccaneers and unknowingly one of the Final Five Cylons. The architect of this program was Dr. Gaius Baltar, a proponent on networking, which had been officially banned during the Cylon War due to Cylon hacking abilities. Though the Cylons suffered far fewer casualties than their lowest expectation, they failed to destroy humanity in the single day. That miniseries led to a weekly television series, which aired u… As these ships were not prepared for long journeys, some began to lose power. AA fire from Galactica offering a degree of anti-missile protection. 6. [1] Two years before the Fall, around 1998, another military shake-up took place under President Richard Adar, which saw the use of an experimental Stealthstar launched from Valkyrie across the Armistice Line to test Cylon defences. [3] While rescue workers deployed Raptors to dig people out of the ruined cities, a massive Centurion invasion army landed via Heavy Raiders with orders to shoot survivors on sight. United Colonies of Kobol [3], Soon after the initial attacks, the civilian spacelines were shut down by the Colonial Government to keep civilian ships out of the combat areas. As Starbuck claims 30 is a "quarter" of the fleet, the fleet over Virgon is no more than 90 ships, and could be much less due to over variables (e.g. Galactica comes out relatively unscathed, with the ship's armor plating keeping out the hard radiation. Prior to the attacks, the Cylon fleet is amassed around the Colony, the Cylons' "homeworld." This was later determined to be correct, that he was in fact a Number Five Cylon, who had planted a transponder to allow the Cylons to detect the ship. A group of Basestars arrived over Ragnar, having detected Doral's beacon. The first consisted of a thousand Raiders supported by fuel tankers. Battlestar Pegasus is a Mercury Class Battlestar, assigned to Battlestar Group 62 of the Colonial Fleet, and commanded by Admiral Helena Cain at the time of the Cylon attack on the Twelve Colonies. The plan fails, and Novachek is captured anyway after he ejects from the Stealthstar, and remains in Cylon custody for at least eight years (including two years post-fall), until he is deliberately released by the Cylons in the hopes that he will kill Adama for his actions. Admiral Nagala †Vice Admiral Helena CainCommander William Adama Standoff Between Galactica and Pegasus | The world of Battlestar Galactica spans hundreds of thousands of years. [3] The battle was a catastrophic failure, as the CNP hack was still not made aware and no explanation could be given for the frequently-reported computer failures. The Cylons begin their attack by first jumping to the Armistice Station. As the CO is questioning him, a fallen charge detonates, trapping the two behind a now fused hatch. One is destroyed during Operation Raptor Talon, and the second is … [2] Coinciding with this was the development of the Command Navigation Program as a networked system to be installed universally in all military craft. Consequently, it was decided that the entire refugee convoy should abandon the Cyrannus star system entirely and depart for a new home far away from the Cylons, with Galactica protecting it. Near-total destruction of the Colonial Defense ForcesNear-extinction of the human race. Within 24 hours after their initial attack, almost the entire human population, numbering 20-50 billion, had been wiped out. Most of the crew is about to take shore leave when the Cylons strike the shipyards. When the command is given, the basestars jump to their targets before striking. After this news is broadcast, Admiral Nagala takes command of the battlestar Atlantia, and begins a counter attack near Virgon’s orbit, as per a system plot by Lt. Gaeta aboard the battlestar Galactica. Though the Cylons themselves abandoned the colonies after ten months of occupation, the planets were so irradiated human settlement was impossible, and they instead searched for a different place to live. The battlestar Pegasus, under the command of Rear Admiral Helena Cain, is docked at the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards at the onset of the attacks undergoing a system refit, which left its computer networks offline. Follow/Fav Battlestar Galactica: Operation Exodus - Survival in the Colonies. Known at the time as Leoben Conoy and posing as an arms smuggler, his rapid deterioration from exposure to radiation in Ragnar's atmosphere got the attention of Commander Adama, who was able to confirm him as a Cylon agent. Acknowledge by same, encryption protocol Adama. 4. [4], Over Caprica, the Colonial Fleet was immediately made aware of the Cylon strike force and three Battlestars moved in to intercept, Valkyrie and Yashuman amongst them. Battlestar Galactica never quite knew what to do with the Battlestar Pegasus after the death of Admiral Cain. The original Battlestar Galactica first premiered in 1978, with a sequel series called Galactica 1980 following in 1980. I'm going to rewrite this summary later, the story should be much better. 85 crew members are lost when damage to the fire suppression system necessitates the venting of the pod's atmosphere to prevent the fuel lines from igniting, thus preventing the destruction of the ship. Cain boards Galactica with an armed escort and welcomes the crew "back to the Colonial Fleet." Battle of Ragnar Anchorage | This infiltration of Colonial systems combined with the "complete surprise" that the Cylons achieve enables them to sweep the Colonial Fleet aside with minimal losses, a triumph beyond their most optimistic projections (TRS: "Downloaded"). The stresses involved in jumping directly from the pod result in structural failure, leading to explosive decompression of the entire pod, and the destruction of any remaining museum pieces. Aware of Baltar's CNP, the Cylons sent a Number Six, latter known as "Caprica Six", to gain his trust and made alterations to half of its algorithms to allow them to quickly penetrate the firewalls and disable ships with a computer virus.[3]. Vice Admiral Helena CainCommander William Adama. Note: A portion of the information listed below is taken from the official, "quasi-canon" Battlestar Galactica Map of the 12 Colonies. Outcome During that time, they start removing the bodies of the dead, and attempt to capture healthy females for experimentation in farms. The civilians are thrilled to see friendly forces, however, their joy is short lived. During these efforts, the shuttle received the Case Orange alert signal, signifying the deaths of President Adar and most of the cabinet. 9. The fleet loses at least 30 battlestars (Among these, Yashuman and Valkyrie) in the opening wave, which according to Kara Thrace, is a quarter of the fleet. The original of the Number Ones, known as "John" or "Cavil", launched a rebellion against the Centurions and the Final Five, robbing the former of free will with a telancephalic inhibitor and wiping most out in favour of newer, inhibited machines, and rendering the Five amnesiac and sending them out into Colonial society under the belief they were human. The battle doesn’t last long, and Atlantia is lost along with the battlestars Triton, Solaria, Columbia, and others, prompting Galactica commanding officer William Adama to take command of the Fleet, and ordering remaining forces to Ragnar Anchorage for regrouping. "The Plan" confirms that there was a 14 hour gap between Caprica Six meeting her mysterious contact in the Miniseries (revealed to be a Number One) and the opening bombardments. Battle Galactica Cast of Characters: The Cylons . It's not long before Roslin takes the effort to round up the survivors and form a caravan to help get the civilians out of harms way, and sends out Sharon Valerii in search of more ships. With the arrival of the Final Five, humanoid Cylon refugees from Earth, the Colonial Cylons agreed to call off the war and make a deal with the Colonial Forces. Follow/Fav Battlestar Galactica: Titan Fleet. The surviving members of the resistance are evacuated to Galactica shortly afterward (TRS: "The Plan", "Resistance", "The Farm", "Downloaded", "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II"). Battlestar Galactica (1978–1979) Episode List. Not wanting to give the Cylons time to realize their mistake, Cain orders a blind jump away from the combat zone. [3] Pegasus successfully escaped the shipyards by performing a blind jump, which it was able to do due to its computer networks being down ahead of a refit. Piloted by Daniel Novacek, the bird is discovered by an unknown contact, and is shot down by Adama to prevent his pilot from being potentially captured by Cylon forces. Like Colonial weaponry, the Cylon missiles can carry both conventional and nuclear warheads. The Colony was destroyed in an operation by Galactica and rebel Cylons, which resulted in it being crippled beyond repair by nuclear explosions, and subsequently falling into a black hole. At this point, Roslin makes the decision to abandon the sublight only ships, and orders the remaining FTL capable ships to jump to Ragnar to rendezvous with Galactica. Overjoyed at the prospect of peace, President Adar immediately ordered the Colonial Fleet to rendezvous with the Cylons so a treaty could be signed. Valerii is able to recover at least three homeless Vipers, and numerous transports, her last being a tylium transport, before the Cylons jump in and scan their caravan. Most of the crew is about to take shore leave when the Cylons strike the shipyards. There she is able to covertly install backdoors into the new software which the Cylons will later use to shut down Colonial defenses (TRS: "Miniseries"). ... Rate. [6] Warned by a Messenger about a potential Cylon agent on the ship, Dr. Baltar accused a civilian PR manager, Aaron Doral of being such an agent, and accused him of planting a device in the CIC. With the help of the Final Five, eight new humanoid Cylon models were created to realise the Centurions' goal of evolving into biological forms. [3] However, the Cylon fleet was kept out of the star system itself until the penetration of CNP had been verified, coincidentally on the 40th anniversary of the Armistice. Among the evacuated survivors were Earth Cylons Tory Foster and Ellen Tigh, with several more humanoid Cylons. After sending a recon Raptor back to the colonies to confirm their destruction, the crew begins to make repairs, while Cain plots her next move (TRS: "Pegasus", "Razor"). The Battlestars and their Viper wings were quickly disabled by CNP hacking, allowing the Basestars to concentrate on the planet itself, firing MIRVs at the more densely-populated areas such as Caprica City. None of the Final Five are killed, and are all reunited in the Fleet. The battlestar Galactica, approximately 300 million miles from Caprica at the time[1], is largely unprepared for the attacks, having just been decommissioned and transformed into a museum. Number Six is without a doubt, the most important Cylon character in Battlestar Galactica. While fans of Battlestar Galactica, which is getting its own sorta ... boy. Battle of the Resurrection Ship | The Colonial officer on duty is shaken when a vessel docks with the station and two Centurions enter the meeting room, followed by a Number Six model. The battlestar Pegasus, under the command of Rear Admiral Helena Cain, is docked at the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards at the onset of the attacks undergoing a system refit, which left its computer networks offline. Overall, the attack is a success and a failure at the same time; as a Cavil later remarked, the Cylons "had their foot on the throat of humanity" but "failed to step down hard enough." The Twelve Colonies are situated within the star system Cyrannus, located some 2,000 light years from Kobol, where humanity presumedly first evolved. The vessel was used by Samuel Anders, Tory Foster, Ellen Tigh, Saul Tigh and Galen Tyrol to travel to the Twelve Colonies from the devastated remains of Earth, backtracking the path their ancestors had taken from Kobol and then following the path of the twelve tribes of humanity. [3] Over the next several hours a large civilian fleet was amassed with the aid of stranded Raptors used to locate and guide FTL-capable ships. From here, Adama takes command of the fleet, and orders the ship to prepare for an FTL jump to Ragnar to re-arm (TRS: "Miniseries"). Over Scorpia, the Basestars focused on bombarding the planet while Raiders loaded with nuclear missiles destroyed the Scorpia Fleet Shipyards. Another Eight is shown as a Cylon leader when both main character Eights are elsewhere. The franchise began with the original television series in 1978 and was followed by a short-run sequel series (Galactica 1980), a line of book adaptations, original novels, comic books, a board game, and video games. Rate. Other models choose to replant cities and live life much as the Colonials did before the attacks. [3] When news of Atlantia's destruction was received, Commander William Adama of the Galactica assumed command of the fleet and ordered all remaining ships to rendezvous with Galactica at the Ragnar Anchorage, where it was to resupply. Picon Fleet Headquarters put the Colonial Fleet on general alert when Basestars were detected over Picon, but it too was destroyed in the bombardment. However, the specialists run into a sickly looking man pointing a rifle at them. During the attack on the Twelve Colonies, the Cylons choose to undermine the Colonia… She then sacrifices herself in order to help Baltar escape and get off world. Basestars appear to have no point defense weaponry. This is the story of the Titan Fleet. Home > Battlestar Galactica (1978 - 1979) > Vehicles > Colonial: Category: Albums : Files: Agro Ship Agro Ship is the common classification for spacecraft capable of growing any edible agro foodstuffs needed in a convoy or Fleet for long periods of time. Commanders Rate. The Fall of the Twelve Colonies, also known as the Second Cylon War was a massive Cylon campaign against Colonial space which saw the indiscriminate destruction of civilian and military targets alike with the objective of total annihilation of mankind. Its information is regarded as official, but as story bible information it is canon unless contradicted on the series. To give the civilians a chance to escape, Adama had Galactica positioned in between of opposing fores.[6]. Perhaps as many as 100's of thousands on each world. [6] Also during this visit, Dr. Baltar and Lt. Felix Gaeta confirmed that CNP had in fact been infiltrated, and orders were given to disable the networking on stranded Vipers and Raptors that arrived. A large unknown ship appears on Galactica ' s DRADIS.After a tense moment, the ship is identified as the Battlestar Pegasus, a Colonial vessel previously believed destroyed in the Cylon attack on the Colonies. Error: please try again. The low-tech battlestars were scrapped in favour of more advanced warships, with the exception of Galactica which was preserved as a recruiting symbol due to its historical significance. the Galactica's crew immediately sets out to re-arm the ship, not wasting time. Strength Rate. During the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, The Colony was moved close to the Cyrannus star system, and the Basestar fleet jumped from there to the colonies in the attack. However, the gesture is ignored by the Cylons, and they continue their assault. The Cylons are the first to find them, and attack. [6] When the civilian fleet made contact with Galactica, Dr. Baltar examined the body and confirmed it to have minute hallmarks being synthetic. 28.5 billion dead (including civilians) Operation Raptor Talon (First Cylon War). The closest the show came was Graham Beckel's Commander Jack Fisk, the conflicted first officer to Cain, who quickly came across as tortured by the actions of his superior officer. 8. This event occurs in a deleted scene of the Miniseries. Rate. 5. ships being destroyed elsewhere before the Nagala's radio commands reached them). Battle of New Caprica | Together, they develop system upgrades for the Colonial Fleet, which gives Six access to the Colonial Defense Mainframe. Overview Colonial Day is due, and Laura Roslin is using the occasion to institute an interim Quorum of Twelve; then Tom Zarek, duly selected as the representative of Sagittaron, stands for the post of Vice President, a position Roslin is determined he will not hold. Fall of the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards | Around 20+ sublight ships, including a Botanical Cruiser are left behind, and destroyed (TRS: "Miniseries"). This incurs a cat and mouse game that lasts for days after the fall, until the passenger vessel being tracked by the Cylons is destroyed (TRS: "33"). Colonial Fleetc.120 Battlestars At the Battle of Virgon, Admiral Nagala's force of no more than ninety Battlestars engaged the Cylons,[note 2] with Battlestars Atlantia; Columbia; Solaria and Triton among them. Battlestar Galactica is an American military science fiction television series, and part of the Battlestar Galactica franchise.The show was developed by Ronald D. Moore as a re-imagining of the 1978 Battlestar Galactica television series created by Glen A. Larson.The series first aired as a three-hour miniseries (comprising four broadcast hours) in December 2003 on the Sci-Fi Channel. At one point, the ship stopped at The Temple of Hopes. [3] Viper Mark VIIs were also susceptible to hacking and were shot down individually by Raiders. Seven, all known among the Cylons themselves by number, were revealed to the humans in the course of their early conflicts after the Cylon attack on the Twelve Colonies. The Fall of the Twelve Colonies (also known as The Fall, the Cylon attack, Cylon holocaust or Second Cylon War) is a devastating, genocidal attack by the Cylons, designed by John Cavil to eliminate the human race, and seek revenge on the Final Five for creating the humanoid Cylons in their image. At the onset of the attacks, there were many civilian transports and passenger liners in the space lanes near Caprica.