Your best option will be international DDS program or AEGD/GPR (Any 2-year CODA approved program that gives you a diploma, degree or certificate that is equivalent to a DDS degree). My exam date of NBDE PART 1 got postponed due to coronavirus thing to May 22. What if I want to work in US as a dental assistant? Any how is there any possibility to limit my practice to Dental implant . She was a native of India, born to a privileged family as Sheela Patel. I really have 3 questions, 1 best resources for classes/workshops for passing the boards? Click here for more information. I have a question though, it seems like your trying to apply to anything and everything. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. have come across anyone getting sponsored H1b visa for the same? Hope that clears your doubt! Thank you very much for your kind replay I really have to appreciate the way you have helped out people . Hi Mac Roopangini Patel 10 important steps a foreign trained dentist should take before moving to study/work in USA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Advanced%20Education%20in%20General%20Dentistry%2024%20Months,General%20Practice%20Residency%2012%20Months,General%20Practice%20Residency%2024%20Months%5D,,,,,,,, 10 most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) by foreign dentists in USA, 12 questions to ask when applying for a student loan, Financing your dental education – student loans & scholarships. My question is after nbde part1&2 and getting admission into a residency program, can you work beyond the hospital you work in? There are dentists who gain admission in US dental programs straight out of dental schools in their own country with no experience, no research, no US internship. At the end of the 3 year period, they will be eligible for an unrestricted general dental license in Minnesota. Hi Dr. Thomas, Hi Lina , Having a good GPA just gives you one more factor to impress them. i was wondering if it will be possible for me to get admission into a good university to do ORAL PATHOLOGY speciality again that can further allow me to practice as an oral pathologist in the same state. thank you for your prompt response, I m already studying and taking part-1 by April, as I’ve heard INBDE is soon taking over. Hope that helps! I have seen people inquiring about faculty licenses. Get a recommendation letter from the dentist you will be working for as well. Hello Dr. Maveli, I am a foreign trained dentist from India and was graduated in 2017. I did 2 years of AEGD at the university of Maryland (2006-2008). I am also considering MPH as I thought it is a good option to fall back on Incase I don’t get accepted for DDS immidiately. How can such degree help me in starting my career in America ? i’m sorry i did look at the map up there but just wanted to make sure. Also, will I have to take any additional examinations for California? 2yr track is for foreign dentists – there are 38 universities that offer this. I would look into which school accepts international graduates and what state will be the best option to move and settle in. and what is the cost? Is there any way for me to get a fellowship/job as a faculty somewhere in the US? i am very grateful for this valuable information and for your precious help. There are diploma courses in the field of engineering, Management, Law, Finance, Commerce, Science, Medicine, etc. Hi! . You might not even have the idea how much a tremendous help it is to finally come across a blog which actually clears doubts, instead of increasing them. I did not really see any info on the requirements in Georgia. First of all Thankyou for all your precious information..!! I agree with Grace – it will all depend on her. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Thank you Dr. Alfredo Sosat for sharing your story. • Some universities require me to do the Graduate Record Examination – any resources to help prepare for that? Ur words r very inspiring for the upcoming dentists like us should I complete diploma or residency before master for better chance of intake ? Best Regards. I am going to begin the DPP program in prosthodontics at University of Michigan school of dentistry from January 2018 to April 2018. We are ready to settle on a limited licence in any state . Yes. I recently found out about this post and i wanted to know which way is the Best. the information is very blog and i m sure so many people will benefit from this. That part of the research is up to can contact the US ortho programs and see if there are any that accept foreign dentists directly and see if your husband can apply there. Refer to the table below to know which states they are. Subventions de l'État aux associations Ce site vous permettra de consulter de façon détaillée les subventions faites aux associations entre 2010 et 2018 (publié dans les … These dentists have had to sign an agreement, that they will go back to their country of origin after completing their training. I’m considering taking a specialty program there because I feel like that’s the most secure path to take, even though it is very pricey. University based specialty programs are easier to get in, since you would probably would need to pay some type of tuition. I also got my license in the Bahamas and joined an already existing group practice. Now since the exam is pass/fail, it’s not that demanding. Im from India and looking to study in the states. Such as Alaska, Utah, Iowa, Mississippi, Oklahoma, etc. Thank you very much for the information …. Ninety-nine percent of people contacting their insurances for participant dentists, will always choose the specialist over the general dentist!! Please look at individual state board websites to confirm the information. It helps you keep you accountable and there is less chance of you slacking. You can find the CODA approved programs here and then contact them directly Your post said that i can practice dentistry here with GPR or AEGD programs of 2 yrs. And I don’t know where to start in terms of board exams. Texas will accept both DDS and specialty. Possible but not at all easy..but then again we are here to beat the odds rt? Please let me know how to work in USA and what states are offering employment without further education. Evidently, this is helping a lot of people and is very noble deed. and released papers of NBDE exams This is a commendable effort from your end. Wann gilt der eBay-Käuferschutz?. I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful blog. Regards. This is not a response to your question but I had a question for you. This information is here for you to make an informed choice. Getting into GPR is winning the lottery – best not to bank on that option. you can contact me on my email: After high school (11th & 12th grades), aspirants complete a 4-year undergraduate college degree preferably with an emphasis on pre-dental subjects. I would strongly suggest to keep looking up for each state individually. My question is similar to the one Dr Nirav already asked above. As long as the state you apply in accepts the AEGD as a licensing program. Thank you so much for creating this thread. Thanks I was contemplating the possibility of moving to Tennessee or Florida. Will you be able to guide, please? But mam I have a question after passing the programs like I want to do either Endodontics or Prosthodontics’s speciality courses. Everything is possible when you do things correctly and within the law of the land! Shalom and May the Blessings of the One and Only God Be With All You Always!!! Best option would be to email or call the University you plan to attend and ask if your BDS will have enough pre-requisites for you to take the DAT exam or how to go about that. I get no remuneration or help for my time. Each patient will have a totally different policy depending who they work for or what policy they chose? Mi duda es primero que nada que tipo de visa o permiso tengo que solicitar para obtener un estado migratorio que me permita aplicar a la cerfificacion de asistente dental y de que manera solicitaria un social security si aun no obtengo la licencia o permiso de trabajo y por lo tanto no puedo ir a buscar un trabajo de asistente dental o que ellos me ayuden con alguna carta porque en todos los trabajos te piden la licencia para poder entrevistarte etc. Hi Amruta, I’m hadn’t never been in a Americam University before. Thank-you so much for this. But you will need a full time faculty job offer to apply for this license. what are my options? He could not call himself an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon? Yes that was my understandig unfortunately. I was already a U.S. trained Pediatric Dentist and I was licensed in three states. My name is Meera Maveli. The states where one can practice without a DDS/DMD , only with the GPR/ AEGD , and after 5 years of practice, are 46 , right? i mean can i just go to the US and get a speciality exam or residency then get licenced to work in the US ? You can be accepted for specialty without DDS but for Ortho that’s highly competitive so your chances are very limited. 4) Can PhD be an option after having masters from India? But why does an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon need to know how to actually perform obstetrics? Does de RCP certifies you as DDS or DMD? All the best! If yes, then does it mean that I need to clear the NBDE irrespectively? Did you write your NBDE exams yet? completion of a 2 year US dental program (FL, IA, MI, NY, VA) for dental licensure. Thank you in advance!! I am a Malaysian national with a dental graduate from India and currently residing at Alaska. First of all Dr. Meera thank you for this valuable post! Coming to my story! working as RDA for about 7 years. 1. In the US, people switch careers at any age and so there are people of all ages trying to be a dentist in the USA. Muy buena informacion esta dando aqui, y dificil de encontrar en un solo post, gracias de nuevo Doc. I have more interest in clinical work Thank you., Unfortunately, Minnesota is the only place that allows foreign dentists to practice without further education. DO you think it is the correct place for finding AEGD program or there are any other sites? does it include CODA accredited Orofacial pain program or you can get specialty license only if the 2 years CODA accredited program was in AGED? My only concern was But the answer is, “You will learn as you go”. My husband is a dentist from Brazil. May God help you and reward you in every aspect. The Law in Florida says that the 2-suppleemental years are leading to a degree equal to a dds or dmd. I hope this answers your question. Her BDS degree was evaluated by ECE and they said that it corresponds to 5 years of Dental school education in the US. Right now I would advise you to concentrate on getting the exams done and get to a position where you can apply to the programs. – i Had also presented 1 Scientific Poster and 2 Scientific Paper at pedo national conferences. I think this is very good info missing on many forums. I know that this is hard, especially when you are starting out. I am a private lender, I provide loans to companies and individuals with low interest rates and reasonable interest rates of 2%.